Our 5th grade science students completed an experiment creating a cloud in a jar!  This helped our students grasp the concept of the water cycle. 


Lake Shipp participated in Community Fest Winter Haven.  We loved watching all the kids that came by to be an archeologist  by finding different prizes in the sand and playing Connect 4! Thank you to Citizens Bank & Trust and the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a great event. We look forward to being apart of the next one!


We had a special guest that joined us to celebrate National School Lunch Week!
National School Lunch Week spotlights the importance of healthy school meals. Thank you Sheriff Judd for taking the time to come celebrate this event with us!


Mrs. Pizarro’s Science class did “The Great Fossil Find” experiment!
Students were taken on an imaginary fossil hunt. Following a script read by the teacher, students find “fossils” of some unknown creature, only a few at a time.
Each time, they attempt to reconstruct the creature, and each time their interpretation tends to change as new pieces (new evidence) are “found”.